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Who needs this course?

  • You are constantly stressed out and anxious, and have been questioning whether you are in this career for the long haul.

  • You are a new teacher who wants to do everything, but you can feel the exhaustion setting in.

  • The Sunday Scaries are ruining your weekend.

  • You find yourself getting anxious on the drive to work.

  • You might have cried because you've been so overwhelmed. 

  • You are frozen by your slightly perfectionistic tendencies and inability to let things go.

  • You love your job, and need to figure out how to make it work FOR YOU. 

Who loved this course? >

Shana K., Teacher (and future Author)

This is so involved and amazing! You put so much work into it. I think this is very important work, and more needs to be done to support teachers. Bravo!

Who needed this course? >

Miranda C, The Teacher Tank Creator

I tend to fly through life without thinking, so I definitely needed to hear these practices and strategies to slow things down.

What you can Expect:

  • While this is a self-paced course, it is broken up into 3 weekly chunks. Each week has a different focus starting with a focus on yourself, and then your relationships, and finally different ways to get inspired. You can choose to work within the weekly time frame, or work at your own pace. There is no rush.

  • Each lesson has a variety of components, which might include audio, video, additional articles, handouts, etc.

  • Challenges, community and engagement throughout!


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