Ever feel like at the end of the day you got nothing done?

The meetings that seem to multiply, the paperwork and grading that never ends, the constant interruptions that make you have to stop, start, and stop working again and again.


What if there was a straightforward, actionable way to take back your time that would allow you to spend more time doing what you want to do after work? That would allow you to feel good about leaving work at work? That would allow you to pour into your students in an authentic way?

… would you feel energized to show up?

...would you feel relieved to finally have some balance?

...would you enjoy your weekends again?

Your time is SO valuable! Let's talk about how to reclaim those precious minutes so you can do the parts of your job that you actually like. You know, like 


I implemented these exact steps that have saved my sanity and time.


Want to know?

How sustainable is your teaching practice?

I've included a quick self-scoring rubric to see how sustainable your practice is.

Are you...

  • In it for the Long-Haul?

  • Walking the Line?

  • Feeling Toasty?


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