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From Burned Out to Inspired

Find your Inspiration Again!

If you are burned out, and lacking that spark that used to come from teaching, take a breath.


I've been there, and I've felt the same things.


This online, self-paced course gives you permission to take care of things that may have gotten placed on the back burner, while helping you rediscover your inspiration to again. 

Advising for Teachers

Take back your teaching career

It's no surprise teachers have a lot on their plate. Between classroom management, new curriculums, and parent communication, it takes its toll. 

If you are struggling to juggle it all, you are not alone. Having a mentor can help you prioritize your life, and support you in both your educational journey and mental health practices. 

New teachers who are overwhelmed, struggling veterans and those who just need an extra spark have all benefited from mentoring.