• Beth Ott

Why I LOVE Coming Back From Vacation

There are those that love planning, those that love traveling, and those that soak up every moment when on vacation. I am not one of those people.

It's not that I don't love the planning. I truly love the research, looking for the perfect place to stay, buying a new game or puzzle to play, and finding a good book to get lost in. And I do actually enjoy the vacation itself. Taking deep breaths of mountain air, watching the sun set over the ocean, listening to a local band at the bar in the evening...I do my best to live in the moment.

But when I go on vacation, I tend to throw all my trusted routines out the window. It usually starts with the food-finding new food or restaurants to try, bringing fun recipes to try out for breakfast, or making different types of drinks are all open for consumption. It's the sort of 'I'll allow it' culture that I give permission to when on vacation. Sleep schedules and morning routines are all but thrown to the wayside. During the day, we go all out, afraid we'll miss something that this hidden gem has to offer. Did we stop into all the local shops? Did we find the cutest breakfast nook? Did we explore places that only the locals know about? We come back to our home away from home, exhausted and full. And for the time being, I soak it all up. I stay up late, eat ice cream every night, and drive myself crazy with planning the next day.

But geez, do I LOVE coming home.

I miss my fancy coffee maker.

I miss my king size bed and perfectly weighted blankets that are to my liking.

I miss the routines of our daily coming and goings.

When I get home, I feel like I can relax, and not be worried about missing a view, a sunset, or a hidden local spot.

Vacations are great, maybe even necessary. But home is where my heart is. So I'm taking a big breath, and relaxing into my worn couch, while drinking a fancy coffee.



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