• Beth Ott

I'm Taking a Risk...

Today, I'm sharing my website and project ideas with humans, and I don't get to hide behind a computer or phone with Instagram miles between us. I am extremely nervous because TBTP has been a small corner of the internet that I've been able to keep to myself, to nurture. It seems ironic that I built this project and website to help others, but I am wary of sharing it with others. I literally just posted about how writing is a process and not a product, and I am fighting the notion that I can't possibly share this project until it's 'done' or 'ready'.

Part of the work I've been doing this week is examining the intersection between writing and yoga, and I read this piece form Megan Fulwiler, On Yoga and Writing that really resonated with me. I must admit that I while I can readily accept that yoga is about the process and not end pose, I am struggling to apply the same concept to my writing. Why would I want someone to read something that is rough, not fully developed?

I'm leaning towards this idea... I make myself go to yoga when I don't feel like it. But I never regret it.

I need to continue to work on and develop this baby of a project. Cultivating ideas, gathering resources and picking through research. It might not be pretty, and I can own that.

Heres to taking risks . And pushing PUBLISH.


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