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From To-Do to DONE

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

From to-do to DONE! Wouldn't that feel nice? And let's be honest, as teachers, our to-do lists are out of control. But let's focus on prioritizing our to-do lists, letting go of the guilt, finally being able to cross everything off your to-do list (Your new and improved prioritized to-do list, that is).

In one of my recent Instagram posts, I talked about being able to prioritize my to-do lists and then being able to let everything else go without the guilt. This is markedly different from the usual approach to to-do lists, which is to do a few things on your list, and then feel devastatingly guilty that you didn’t completely finish everything your list, even though it would have been virtually impossible to complete all. The. things. Nevertheless, we accept the guilt, like a bad grade on a math test..we don’t like it, but we’ve come to accept it.

But you can actually complete your to-do list, I promise. You start by shifting your mindset around the idea of to-do lists.

So how does making the mindset shift happen?

  • Like I said, start with prioritizing your to-do list. Pick your 2-3 non-negotiables for that day and tackle them with gusto!

  • Once you finish your priorities, give yourself a little pat on the back and tell yourself how awesome you are.

  • Know that anything else you tackle is cake! You can tackle something small or just the next thing on your list, but you absolutely CAN NOT feel bad/guilty if you don’t finish it.

  • Get used to having things on your to-do list that hang out there. It is your non-negotiables that matter.

Reframe the busy-ness mentality. Believe me when I say this: Your productivity and ability to complete your entire to-do list does not equate to your worth.

This doesn’t happen overnight, so give yourself some grace. When you catch yourself feeling guilty over things you haven’t completed, remind yourself of the bigger goal...your mental sanity and a healthier mindset.

Take a breath. You got this.


Need more proof?

Meredith with The Transformed Teacher talks about Choosing To Be Happy As a Teacher Without Feeling Guilty About It

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