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3 Things this Enneagram Type 9 Teacher is Loving Right Now

Here's my Enneagram history...

I originally thought I was a 2 (The Helper). In fact, I think a majority of teachers would describe themselves as Type 2. Teachers often enter the profession to 'help'. And to be honest, I think I just identified with the title 'The Helper' more than most of the identifiers. But I didn't feel super connected to most Two things...

So tried on Type 7 (The Enthusiast). I really resonated with finding life fun, and being eternally optimistic. Honestly, you would be hard pressed to find me complain about things, because I can often find the silver lining in most situations (My boyfriend finds this annoying). And I wouldn't say that I'm not Type 7, I'm just not as Type 7 as I am Type 9.

Type 9 (The Peacemaker). Nines tend to also find the silver lining. They are the ones who can adapt to most groups, fitting in and being comfortable anywhere (this describes a lot of my high school life, TBH). But the thing that made me most identify and say 'YES, I'M DEFINITELY A NINE', is their tendency towards coziness. I am obsessed with clothes that are comfortable and soft. It doesn't matter the season, you will find me curled up on the couch with a blanket. And my ideal self-care luxury? Spas and massages. When I become a millionaire, you can find me living here.

But in this season of WFH, quarantining, finding new hobbies, etc. I've really begun to hone in on what makes me happy and things that truly bring me joy.

1. Case in point: I have an abundance of quilts, thanks to a talented mother and grandma (see the quilt cabinet and the dog who has TWO quilts at his disposal).

And while I LOVE love love these quilts, I recently gave in to a life long goal...owning one of these fuzzy, warm, cozy blankets, and I am DISMAYED at myself for how long I held out. Ashamed, really.

2. A massage gun.

Now, this is a real game changer, and I'm convinced it's the missing link in my never ending quest for a pain-free neck and shoulders. Again, I'm SHOCKED at how I've lived without it for so long. It is now a part of my daily at home massage ritual, which includes a heated rice pack, racquetball, and Biofreeze.

3. If I'm not burning a fire in the fire place, I'm lighting this candle I got from Lily's Mercantile and Makery in Paoli, WI. Cozy, fall scent, and if I'm cuddled under that fuzzy blanket, I can't tell the difference between warmth from a real fire place or just smelling it from this candle.

Tell me, if you're a teacher, what Enneagram Type are you?? I'm so curious if I'm correct in my assumption that most teachers identify with Type 2!

Stay warm, and cozy, friends (especially if you're a type 9).

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