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Hey There!

I'm Beth.

Nice to meet 'cha.

Let me catch you up.

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I had been working as a high school special education teacher at the same school for the past 5 years. I liked my job in the sense that I liked working with the students, but I was getting bogged down by everything else. The paperwork, the lack of administrative support, the staff bickering, the constant dread of Mondays. I had put in a good 5 years, but I felt defeated.

So, I was at a crossroads.  By this point my work besties had all moved on (damn them!). So what was a lonely girl to do? Start looking for new jobs? Stay in a job that I was beginning to loathe? Ugh. 

That, folks, is when it happened.



Meet fifth year me.

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I could have easily slipped into complacency. Been happy with the years I put in, found a little desk job where my organizational skills were celebrated.

But I knew I was made for more. Teaching was in my bones, and I knew there had to be something I could do about my situation that was in my control.

I began to implement some fundamental strategies, seek support from some key people, and make some crucial decisions to my personal work strategy. I’m talking about both internal and external changes. AND IT WAS HARD.

I found myself occasionally slipping into old ‘jaded’ Beth, but as I became more determined to grow, those slips became less and less frequent. I surrounded myself with a group of friends, both in person and in the virtual realm, who believed the same as I did. I created systems and procedures, mindsets and beliefs that support a sustainable teaching career.



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